I like to think of cake as a custom piece of art that you get to eat. So you let me know what you’re dreaming of, and I’ll make that dream come to delicious, fantabulous life.

Cake Monster creations are all specially made from scratch in small batches of fresh, high-quality awesomeness. Because good dessert is totally worth the effort. While I do start with baseline prices, the numbers will vary depending on a lot of factors – number of servings, fabulosity of decor, specialty ingredients, etc.

A classic single-tier yellow cake with chocolate buttercream rosettes will be duh-lish-us, but it’ll have a different price tag than a multi-tier gluten-free carrot cake covered in brown sugar cream cheese frosting, topped with piped frosting roses and gleaming shards of handmade almond brittle.

Please allow at least 10 days’ notice for your order.
There’s just one of me, y’see, and I’d like to devote oodles of time and attention to your cake.

Payment is due prior to or upon delivery.
(with the exception of multi-tiered cakes or cupcake orders of 100+, in which case half is paid up front and the remainder upon delivery)

Prices can vary depending on your particular design ideas. Need some inspiration? Check out the Flavor Combo Ideas page, my Picture Page, or just shoot me an email.

Let’s make awesome happen!