Monster Philosophy

Life is too short to eat meh sweets. If your taste buds don’t high-five you after the first bite, put the confection down and back away slowly.

Handcrafted ~ in small batches ~ from scratch
by the one and only me (hi!)

I only work with fresh ingredients in small batches – no part of your cake will ever come out of an industrial-size tub or a deep freezer. Because true deliciousness is fleeting, and everything tastes better without preservatives.

All of it ~ every little bit ~ will be not only edible,
but delightful to eat.

I’ll wrap your cake in luscious frosting; pile it high with fresh cookies, whimsical meringues, hand-piped frosting flowers, or homemade marshmallows; drizzle it with rich chocolate ganache or creamy caramel, and then gleefully toss handfuls of gourmet sprinkles all over it. Anything to make your order as gorgeous as it is delicious.

My specialty ~ my passion ~ is buttercream and baked decorations 

At this time, I am not making fondant-covered cakes or gum paste sculptured pieces. I only work with American-style buttercream. However! If you find a design that you love that has those elements, I can totally work with you to re-create it in my style.

Speaking of which …

No factory mass-produced generic sugar-based food products here! Everything is hand-crafted with an artist’s eye for detail and a baker’s expertise.

Totally unique ~ custom designed ~ specially crafted
just for you

When you order from Cake Monster, you’re ordering a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you get to eat. I love to work with you to figure out the most fabulicious flavors and the perfect design to make your cake into the gloriously tasty centerpiece of your event.

Just one of me ~ just two hands
(big heart, though)

I truly love making cakes! However, since I am just a one-woman operation I will need at least 10 days’ notice on any order. This is so that your cake gets all the special attention it deserves.

Cake is the great universal symbol for “NOW it’s a PARTY”. Because there’s cake.

Birthdays ~ weddings ~ graduations ~ showers ~ Tuesdays
let’s celebrate ’em all!